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Welcome, have some iced coffee

This is just the beginning of my cooking blog.  There are a ton of things I’d like to do here, but I have to have at least one recipe to get started.  So here is my recipe for cold-brewed iced coffee, using a wonderful fair trade iced coffee blend from my favorite purveyors: Just Coffee in Madison, WI.  They are the fine folks who put together the Raphael’s Roast coffee that we used at my last parish, St. Raphael.  I learned from them the process of cold-brewing the coffee, which makes it far less acidic, a good idea for coffee served cold.  I experimented with additives, and this could more properly be called Fr. Pat’s Iced Vanilla Latte, I think, but that’s not what we called it.  Anyway, enjoy a cup of it, and sit back while I do some more tinkering around here!

Recipe: Father Pat’s Iced Coffee

Summary: Fair Trade Iced Coffee, Cold Brewed



  1. Mix coffee and 5 cups of the water in a bowl and leave at room temperature for 12 hours. Pour through coffee filter, yields about 3 cups. Refrigerate until used, up to two weeks.
  2. To serve, blend one cup of the coffee concentrate with 1½ remaining water, milk and creamer. Pour over ice.
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