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Well, as I mentioned some time previously, I have found myself scrolling Tik Tok cooks. I’ve seen a lot of good ideas, and some that were rather questionable. But as fall took over summer, and especially approaching Thanksgiving, I saw a quite a few people posting about this Chicken Cobbler hack that comes out as a biscuity version of chicken pot pie. Very intriguing, and pretty easy to make, from what I saw. Well, today I got around to trying it myself, and I must say, definitely a keeper, and I’ll be making it regularly.

As I looked at the various recipes, I saw some of them didn’t include cheese. Since it uses the cheddar biscuit mix, one would expect cheese with it. I know it’s not a chicken pot pie staple, but come on. When did cheese ever make things less delicious. So this version has a cup of cheddar. Not enough to change it into a cheese dish, but enough to enhance the flavor.

As you know, I cook for a low sodium household, so I skipped adding salt and pepper, and found I really didn’t need it. I used no salt added stock, and I tried to get low sodium cream of chicken, but it was out of stock (no pun intended). All in all, it doesn’t need a lot of added salt because there’s salt in the rotisserie chicken, and in the biscuit mix, as well as the cheese. Enough is enough! As I said, I found it didn’t need much more salt.

I hope you try this and enjoy it. It takes maybe ten minutes to put together, and you can get it on the table in about an hour all together, so it’s a great go-to for weeknight meals. Especially on cold, cloudy, dreary days like the ones we’ve been having here in the Chicago area!

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